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Conference program

Sun, 04/15/2018 - 20:31
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Day 1., 2018.05.12., Saturday 9 am – 6 pm CET
Day 2., 2018.05.13., Sunday 9 am – 6 pm CET

Welcoming speech:

Kakas Béla
President of the General Assembly of Csongrád County, Hungary

dr. Bognár Lajos
Deputy State Secretary for Food Chain Surveillance at the Ministry of Agriculture; Chief veterinarian of Hungary

Keynote speakers:

Carol Beuchat, PhD  (USA)
Institute of Canine Biology, scientific director
Subject: preservation breeding

Ilker Ünlü  (TR)
Akbash Breeders' Association, Turkey, president; Akbash Dogs International, board member
Subject: Akbash

Geldi Kyarizov (TM)
CASD breeder, cynologist, Akhal Teke horse breeder; Former Turkmen Horse Minister
Subject: CASD

Doğan Kartay (TR)
researcher, professor; Association Research, Protection, Breeding and Promotion of Turkish Shepherd Dogs, president
Subject: turkish sheepdogs

Petru Muntean (RO)
Romanian Kennel Club, vice-president
Subject: romanian sheepdogs

Leopold László (RO)
breeder, Farkashajsza Kennel
Subject: CASD

Dr. Kovács András, Dsc (HUN)
professor emeritus, University of Debrecen; Hungarian Kuvasz  Breeders' Association, former board member
Subject: Kuvasz

Soós Attila
genetic expert, cynologist, FCI show judge
Subject: Hungarian sheepdog breeds



Buzogány Ágnes
breeder, Putnaszeme Kennel
Subject: CASD

Furák Zsoltné
animal rights activist
Subject: working with rescued dogs

Czéher György
Subject: 1. Sheepdogs; 2. Ethnography

Nagy Gábor, PhD
University of Szeged, Department of Ethnography and Cultural Anthropology
Subject: Ethnography

Tari Józsi
breeder, Rasztari-Duci Kennel
Subject: Sinka

Preszner Sándor
Hungarian National Hunting Chamber, Csongrád County Institute, Wildlife Protection and Wildlife Management Commission, president
Subject: large predators

Lóki György
Hungarian Falconer Order, president
Subject: predators, large predators

Dr. Mód László
University of Szeged, Department of Ethnography and Cultural Anthropology
Subject: Ethnography

Szabó Ádám
Aggtelek National Park
Subject: large predators, preservation breeding

Pomázi Ágoston Árpád
Hunting & Culture Association, president
Subject: preservation breeding

Sebastian Flesieru (RO)
breeder, Romanian Corb Breeders' Association
Subject: Corb

Bazsó Mihály
Kangal Klub Hungary Breeders' Association, president
Subject: Kangal

Dr. Póti-Tóthné-Fazekas-Abayné
Szent István University, Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
Subject: preservation breeding

Dr. Krajcsovics László
Szögedi Horse and Pet Ambulance, owner
Subject: health protection

Vas Krisztián (CAN)
Kuvasz Club of Canada, president
Subject: Kuvasz

Pető Zoltán
breeder, Fehér-Morcos Kuvasz Kennel; Hungarian Kuvasz Breeders' Association, vice-president
Subject: Kuvasz

Kis József
shepherd, Balmazújváros, Hortobágy
Subject: Sinka, mudi

Thais Rossi Doninelli (BRA)
Guardian of The Kings- Escola de Campeões, Hospedagem e Day Care, coordinator
Subject: Kuvasz
Hegedűs Csaba
Hungarian Komondor Association, president
Subject: Komondor
Szabó István
Sárréti Sinka Kuvasz-Mudi Kennel, owner; Kuvaszok in the Carpathians civil initiation, spokesman
Subject: Kuvaszok in the Carpathians
Further negotiations with some lecturers are on-going. The complete list of lecturers is going to be published by the end of March.
Between lectures in the corridors leading to each lecture theatres of our use a free, self-service buffet is going to offer refreshment and something for the teeth all day long for all our ticket holders.  
Meals for lunch will be available at the canteen area next to the main auditorium.
Prospectively the conference speeches will be organised into simultaneous sections of different destinations inside the Conference building. (Detailed schedule after Apr 15, 2018) Thus we are having lectures in the main auditorium, the great symposium hall, and in two smaller lecture rooms. A unique selection of artefacts and equipments connected to traditional herding are going to be displayed during the Conference days and can be visited by any ticket holder. 
The Conference building park is planned to host live presentations on the sheepdog breeds and their cultural heritage. 
Exhibitor stands will take place at the main lobby next to our merchandising desk.
Please note, that parking is free at the nearby shopping mall parking areas. Approximately a 10-minute walk from the Conference site. As another option, the Conference building offers parking opportunities in limited numbers, that you can rent through our ticket office on a lower price as registration starts. VIP ticket holders automatically gain the right to park inside the Conference parking lot.
Please consider, that at KEPCon you will not be able to record videos, pictures or soundtracks without permission. Photos, videos and soundtracks are recorded by the PDFoundation and its authorized persons, including authorized agents of the press on the site for open media events for the media. Thank you for your understanding!