October 2017

A call for preservation breeding

By Carol Beuchat PhD
In the last two decades, there has been increased awareness of the value of domestic animal breeds as genetic resources that need to be managed and preserved to ensure their longterm survival and usefulness. The concern for this began when livestock breeding started being done on an industrial scale using modern technologies like embryo transfer and genomic selection.

The Sheepdog and Me – Teen Sheepdog Stars Contest!

We are expecting stories of devoted young sheepdog owners who are intended to become breeders and experts any of the sheepdog breeds when adult. The preference is a one-page long short version of your story. How you met first with sheepdogs and which breed, how you made friends and who/what inspires you to enter the sheepdog world as a professional, etc. Please, attach photo gallery and/or video to reinforce your argumentation.

About us

A dear friend and I have just been talking about the childhood sheepdog experiences when out of the blue he just fired off a question at me:

'You know what?! You'd have to do a professional sheepdog conference! You've already been doing such a thing!'