The dynamics of the sheepdog pack in the counteraction and protection against predators.

Buzogány Ágnes

Keywords: sheepdog, pack, predators, protection and counteraction

Formation and structure of the sheepdog pack

  • The packleader: Acquiring and keeping the rank, rights and obligations, intellectual dominance
  • role of the alpha female in the pack
  • members of the pack: young and old ones, males, females and castrated ones
  • omega of the pack

Attacking habits of predators

  • bear attacks
  • wolf attacks
  • feline attacks

Line-up of the pack in rest period when grazing without sensing danger: position of the packleader, activities of the alpha female, active attention of the members, the active work of the omega at this time. The job of the packleader is to distribute the tasks of the pack among members.

Line-up and movement of the pack to counter bear attacks

  • The unquestionable dominance of the packleader is crucial in managing the pack.
  • The pack has to work as a single unit.
  • The kinds of bites in this case

Line-up and movement of the pack to counter wolf attacks

  • countering attacks from different directions
  • recognition of wolf tricks, obedience
  • overcoming supererogation and overconfidence
  • bites and combat in case of wolf attacks

Line-up and movement of the pack to counter feline attacks

  • the most difficult task
  • overcoming fear

The persence of the owner during attacks and how we can help the work of our dogs.