Foretime, Present and Future in the Fehér-Morcos kuvasz kennel

Pető Zoltán

The theme of this presentation is to show everyone excerptions from the past thirty years of the kuvasz breed. The discourse means to offer an insight into life with kuvasz dogs, social and human relations, the club life and the means of keeping contact in the former dog world, the circumstances of exhibitions and breeding and of course the appearance of the breed in both adaptibility and looks concerning the history of the Fehér-Morcos kuvasz kennel.

I will illustrate the past thirty years with pictures and present the definitive breeds in a few sentences. Pictures of the most renowned kuvasz dogs will be shown as well.

The onetime club-life of Hungary and the appearance of the international kuvasz world mainly focusing on the cooperation with foreign breeders will be rendered.

My goal is to help the audience understand how the fate of the kuvasz breed formed and in what ways it was impacted by the circumstances in the last thirty years.

A considerable part of the kuvasz breeders started being an active breeder in the past ten years but I will try to offer new information to the older generation of kuvasz breeders, too.