The sinka

Tari József

Dear Audience,

We know since the work of Charles Darwin called The Origin of Species published in 1859 that there is a large diversity even within certain species. This is particularly true to dog breeds in the Carpathian Basin in Central Europe and specifically to the Hungarian sheepdogs.

The constant change of the environment is responsible for the biological background of diversity. A new star was born in the evolution of Hungarian sheepdogs. In 1960 András Béres mentioned a short-haired dog called „sinkó” in the Yearbook of the Déri Museum in Debrecen.

This presentation is about this new cometstar.

The Sinka

Presenter: József Tari (breeder, Golden-Wreath Master breeder, official in charge of the safety of the food supply chain and quality control - Research Centre for Farm Animal Gene Conservation dog breeding coordination group)

Presentation: 13.05.18 Sunday

45 minutes


  1. The origin of the name „Sinka”, the meaning of the name, investigating its origins
  • family name theory
  • „szelindek” theory
  • „sikamlós” theory
  1. The origin of the Sinka
  • atavism theory
  • migration theory
  • pariah-dog theory
  • cross-breeding theory
  1. The emergence of the Sinka, history, process, expectations, spreading, population
  2. The physical characteristics of the Sinka – functional anatomy
  • appearance
  • temperament
  1. The work of the Sinka
  • Hungarian herding style
  • professional use
  • specialities
  1. The Sinka today
  • changes
  • differences
  • preservation of gene sources

Everyone is welcome to attend this empirical „corpus delicti” presentation.