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Conference program


Day 1., 2018.05.12., Saturday 9 am – 6 pm CET
Day 2., 2018.05.13., Sunday 9 am – 6 pm CET

Welcoming speech:

Kakas Béla
President of the General Assembly of Csongrád County, Hungary

dr. Bognár Lajos
Deputy State Secretary for Food Chain Surveillance at the Ministry of Agriculture; Chief veterinarian of Hungary

The origins of the Hungarian flock guard and herding dog breeds

The dog is the domesticated form of the wolf, however it is still not known where and which subspecies played a role in the process of domestication started maybe 135.000 years ago (Vila et al., 1997) and ended within the Old-World long before written history (Clutton-Brock, 1984; Kovács and Rózsáné Várszegi, 2015).

Doǧan Kartay

Dear valued lady Gyöngyi Hajnal;

I am investigating the "Turkish Shepherd Dogs", Karabaş (Kangal) and Akbas breeds, whose history and geography originated in Central Asia for about 60 years. I accepted your gentle invitation with respect. Thank you.

Breeding Better Livestock

"In beginning the concluding section of this book, let's remind ourselves once more that neither selection nor systems of breeding can create new genes. The can, if properly applied, create new and better animals, but they do it by putting the old genes into new patterns or combinations - not by creating new genes.